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This is an RP Journal for the 1970s TV show version of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

Brief Character History:
Diana of Paradise Island is daughter of Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons. With the help of the goddess Aphrodite, the Amazons retreated from "Man's World" millennia ago to live a life built on the things they saw as feminine values: honor, compassion, strength, and truth. Diana is 2,527 years old. (The source of the Amazons' agelessness is not revealed in the TV series, but I presume it's similar to the comic book explanation: the gods gave it to them.) The Amazons lived largely isolated lives, training in the gifts of war only so that they could protect themselves, their advanced science (when you never age and have gods' secrets to work with, you can develop some pretty nifty stuff), and their mysterious "feminum" metal from the outside world. They deeply mistrusted "man's world" and did not want their secrets to be weaponized by the militaristic partriarchs who ruled outside. When Steve Trevor, an American pilot, crashlanded on the island while fighting Nazis during World War II, the Amazons learned about the dangers the World War presented. They agreed the Nazis were a dire enough threat to the entire world that they decided to send an emissary from Paradise Island to assist the Allies. The Amazons held a contest as to whom the emissary would be; Diana's mother forbid her from participating, but Diana disguised herself, entered, and won the contest. She was instructed to help fight the Nazis, but also to protect her identity and that of Paradise Island. She took on the secret identity of Diana Prince, entering service as a yeoman in the WAVES, who performed clerical duties for Steve Trevor.

As Diana Prince, Wonder Woman has no special physical abilities. To perform superheroic feats, she must transform into her Wonder Woman costume via spinning: her belt carries the strength of Paradise Island with it, which allows her to perform her amazing Amazon feats of prowess; her invulnerable feminum bracelets can deflect all manner of attacks, and her magic lasso compels the victim to answer all questions truthfully and can modify the victim's memories.

When World War II ended, Diana returned to her people. 30 years later, an eerily similar event happened--a young Steve Trevor (Jr., son of Major Trevor) crashlanded on Paradise Island, this time as a result of the action of nuclear terrorists. Sensing the repeated event was fate and that the terrorists of the world posed a worse threat than even the Nazis, Diana asked to return to Man's World to continue to fight the world's enemies and bring the values of the Amazons into the world. "Diana Prince" this time became an agent of the Inter Agency Defense Command (where Steve worked), where she could track down threats easily.

Diana has a little sister, Drusilla, who assisted her against the Nazis as Wonder Girl (Wonder Girl did not appear in the "present day" i.e., 1970s adventures of Wonder Woman.)

Note that TV Diana's origins are based on the original, original comic origins--she is not made of clay and is not gifted by the gods with her powers (which is a very early retcon by the original creator). She has super strength (but is not as strong as the contemporary comics Wonder Woman), leaping, and fast running, and can communicate with animals. She cannot fly (save in her plastic Barbie plane invisible jet). She of course, as with all versions of Wonder Woman, is trained extensively in Amazonian athletics and martial arts as well as their mental discipline techniques, and even out of costume is hard to fight, outwit, or compel.

A fun quick reference:

Please note that her universe has no other DCU superheroes; she and I apologize for her not recognizing your DCU muse. She also actually has a secret identity, so please don't be surprised when she acts a bit weird if you call her "Diana" when she's in her Wonder Woman persona.
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