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What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? I have failed entirely my telepathy proficiency exams, so if you want me to know what you think of my roleplaying, bad or good, you're best off leaving me a comment here. Comments are screened.
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Backtagging: YES. I consider play-by-post format to mean there's plenty of wiggle room for time for responses. RL for me often means a slower posting rate so I'm not going to hold slow response against anyone else.
Threadjacking/Threadhopping: Sure, although if you're not sure due to specific circumstances, by all means ask.
Fourthwalling: Unless we're in a specific meme or something where fourthwalling is allowed/encouraged, I would prefer people not telling her she is a character in a TV show (or the comic book it is based on). Certainly people from other DC Universes can recognize her as some version of "Wonder Woman" (but that's not exactly fourth-walling).

Fighting: Yes. No godmodding please. And let's not just dodge each other's blows, but assess capabilities fairly. Note she is "only" Golden Age-strength level--but still a highly trained Amazon and a 2,500+ year old one at that.
Injuries: Yes, within reason.
Killing: Please check with me first.
Telepathy/Mind-reading: Yes, but please let me know when you are doing it. I.e., you can assume you succeed, but still make sure I know that's what's going on.
Mind Control: She can be gassed/drugged and thus put into an altered mental state, but she is difficult to hypnotize or control magically. She has been overtaken by certain alien influences. Basically, ask first.

Trolling/Teasing: Sure.
Hugging: Sure.
Flirting: Fine. She may flirt back if it's clearly playful banter, but is unlikely to encourage a relationship. It's hard being 2,500 years old.
Kissing or other intimate actions: Please check with me first, and nothing graphic, please.

I'm always open to plotting/planning out a scenario as appropriate.
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This is Wonder Woman from the Wonder Woman TV show in the 1970s. She closest to the original Golden Age comic book version, and she is "just" an Amazon (she just has proven herself to be the best of them). She is not made of clay, she is not the daughter of Zeus, and she lives in a world where she is the primary superhero (there are only a small number of people with special abilities otherwise, none of whom are from the greater DCU). Very sorry, but she will NOT recognize other DCU characters except Steve Trevor and Etta Candy--even the Wonder Girl from her universe is unique to her world. Diana Prince is her secret identity, as she feels she has to keep the existence of the Amazons a secret, so she will side-eye you if you call her "Diana" when she's in costume. Apologies for any disappointments or confusion in advance.

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