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Backtagging: YES. I consider play-by-post format to mean there's plenty of wiggle room for time for responses. RL for me often means a slower posting rate so I'm not going to hold slow response against anyone else.
Threadjacking/Threadhopping: Sure, although if you're not sure due to specific circumstances, by all means ask.
Fourthwalling: Unless we're in a specific meme or something where fourthwalling is allowed/encouraged, I would prefer people not telling her she is a character in a TV show (or the comic book it is based on). Certainly people from other DC Universes can recognize her as some version of "Wonder Woman" (but that's not exactly fourth-walling).

Fighting: Yes. No godmodding please. And let's not just dodge each other's blows, but assess capabilities fairly. Note she is "only" Golden Age-strength level--but still a highly trained Amazon and a 2,500+ year old one at that.
Injuries: Yes, within reason.
Killing: Please check with me first.
Telepathy/Mind-reading: Yes, but please let me know when you are doing it. I.e., you can assume you succeed, but still make sure I know that's what's going on.
Mind Control: She can be gassed/drugged and thus put into an altered mental state, but she is difficult to hypnotize or control magically. She has been overtaken by certain alien influences. Basically, ask first.

Trolling/Teasing: Sure.
Hugging: Sure.
Flirting: Fine. She may flirt back if it's clearly playful banter, but is unlikely to encourage a relationship. It's hard being 2,500 years old.
Kissing or other intimate actions: Please check with me first, and nothing graphic, please.

I'm always open to plotting/planning out a scenario as appropriate.
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