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This is Wonder Woman from the Wonder Woman TV show in the 1970s. She closest to the original Golden Age comic book version, and she is "just" an Amazon (she just has proven herself to be the best of them). She is not made of clay, she is not the daughter of Zeus, and she lives in a world where she is the primary superhero (there are only a small number of people with special abilities otherwise, none of whom are from the greater DCU). Very sorry, but she will NOT recognize other DCU characters except Steve Trevor and Etta Candy--even the Wonder Girl from her universe is unique to her world. Diana Prince is her secret identity, as she feels she has to keep the existence of the Amazons a secret, so she will side-eye you if you call her "Diana" when she's in costume. Apologies for any disappointments or confusion in advance.

Thousands of years ago, Aphrodite and Athena rescued women in slavery and put them on an island in the Bermuda Triangle, granting them agelessness and great strength. These women called themselves the Amazons, and they named their island "Paradise," for it was. Given secrets to guard by the gods as well as an indestructable (but forgeable) metal called "feminum," the Amazons pledged to live in a society of peace and justice. While they trained in the art of the war so they could defend their island if they needed to, the Amazons pledge themselves first to love, peace, compassion, wisdom, justice and truth, in line with what is sacred to their saviors Aphrodite and Athena. The Amazons are technologically advanced due to the gifts given them by the gods and their agelessness.

Diana is the daughter of Hippolyte, the woman whom the Amazons chose to lead them as their queen. Diana is an "ordinary" Amazon like all the rest, born as a human two and a half millennia ago and made ageless by the power of the gods. However, training intensely in all Amazonian arts, she is one of the most skilled of her sisters.

The Amazons live isolated lives, and seldom interfere in the events of "Man's World", which is what they call the world beyond Paradise Island, unless they feel it is of dire importance. When Steve Trevor, a World War II pilot, crashed on Paradise Island, the Amazons learned of the Nazi threat. They decided to send an emissary back to Man's World to help ensure Allied victory. Diana participated in a contest to see who the emissary would be and won. Although her mother didn't want her to go, Diana proved herself, and was given her armor of office, soon to be known as the regalia of "Wonder Woman." Because Paradise Island contained knowledge and secrets the Amazons feared men would use to destroy each other (such as the feminum metal), Diana was forced to keep her identity and origin a secret. She therefore established the identity of Diana Prince, a WAVE who worked for U.S. Intelligence, to keep an eye on events. When she had to appear and use her great abilities, she went only by the moniker of "Wonder Woman."

After the war ended, Diana went home. However, 30 years later, a strange coincidence occurred: Steve Trevor's son, Steve Jr., crashed on Paradise Island, a victim of a plot by nuclear terrorists. Fearing what the nuclear terrorists and others like them could achieve, Diana donned the mantle of Wonder Woman again and returned to Man's World. This time, "Diana Prince" became an agent in the Inter-Agency Defense Command (IADC), a Federal security organization that could work both domestic and foreign cases related to breaches in U.S. Security.

(Note: some of the Amazon background is filled in with information borrowed from the comics where it meshes with what is known of TV canon; some of this is basically headcanon for the tv series, like the origin of the Amazons as slaves, only so that the whole story feels coherent.)

Wonder Whirl: The magic spin which summons the Wonder Woman costume and with it, her special abilities. Diana uses this to instantly change between Diana Prince (who has no powers other than the Wonder Whirl) and Wonder Woman. She also can change into variations of her uniform: she can summon a cape as desired, and she can turn her outfit into the Wonder-body-suit, a skin-tight dark blue suit which covers everything but the face; by itself plus a rebreather it serves as a diving suit, and with a helmet and padding, it serves as gear appropriate for motorcycling or other extreme sports. She can also summon the helmet and padding over her normal outfit, which she did once to go skateboarding (Wonder Woman always believes in safety first).

Super Strength: Wonder Woman is strong enough to lift a small car, and can stop a tank from moving forward by pushing against it. She can bend iron and steel. She can easily overpower any normal human being (but she would not be able to anywhere near overpower her contemporary comics counterpart). Wonder Woman also has corresponding endurance to be able to handle her strength (she will not crush her spine when lifting a very heavy object, she will not break her wrist when snapping manacles, etc.)

Super Leaping: Wonder Woman can jump several stories high or leap the length of a city block. She can use this to travel very quickly.

Super Reflexes: Wonder Woman has reflexes fast enough that she can anticipate a bullet strike and deflect it with her indestructable bracelets. She even caught a tank shell once and threw it back at the tank.

Animal Empathy: Wonder Woman is able to calm animals and, to an extent, communicate her wishes to them.

Special Gear
The Lasso of Truth and Memory: This indestructible lasso forces any wrapped in it to speak honest answers and do, to an extent, whatever Wonder Woman tells them to do. She can also erase small, immediate portions of her foes' memories, which she usually uses to erase their memory of the interrogation (so they don't know, for example, that they ratted out their boss). Fortunately she is a legitimately kind and decent enough person not to abuse this horribly.

Magic Tiara: Wonder Woman's tiara turns into a boomerang. The gem in it can also be used to communicate with Paradise Island and to summon her invisible jet.

Girdle of Hestia: This belt is technically the source of Wonder Woman's power away from Paradise Island. It helps her retain her strength and agelessness. On Paradise Island, she does not need it (nor do any of the other Amazons).

Feminum Bracelets: These bracelets are indestructable and can deflect powerful ballistic attacks without damaging the wearer. What happens to the ricochets is not dwelled upon. ;)

Invisible Jet: Wonder Woman has a plastic toy plane with a Barbie in it jet which is invisible. It can fly very fast and is undetectable on radar. For some reason, she is visible inside the invisible jet, so it looks like she can fly sitting down. We also do not dwell on this, nor on the fact that she can't see any of the controls. :)


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